“I’m really glad I went on the iLEAD Jamaica Expedition! I gained hands-on business experience and got to help out a real life company – all the while being surrounded by a beautiful and exotic environment!”

-Muhammad Ikramullah, iLEAD Special Projects

“I feel this message is lost in the classroom: business students can make a difference – just like nurses, just like teachers, but we have our own way –  we just have to go out there and find it.”

– Jacquelyn Martini, iLEAD Directed Studies and Special Projects   


“iLEAD is a great experience that allows you to put most or all of what you have learned throughout university to practical use. It is a great way to learn about international cultures and practices, as well interact with interesting personnel.”

Aaron Artymko, iLEAD Special Projects

“Being able to apply the skills I learned in school, such as consulting, recommending and researching, was beneficial to increase my knowledge on how to properly apply these skills. The iLEAD program gave me opportunities to experience a culture that I would not have been able to experience in Canada.”

-Megan Goulais, iLEAD Special Projects

 “iLEAD was a main reason why I got the job working for my town as an office administrator. They loved the real life work experience that made me stand out from other applicants.”

Tim Harron, iLEAD Special Projects 


“We had the opportunity to share some information about Canada and also the projects we were working on while in Jamaica with the local school. The kids were happy to hear our story and we were just as happy to tell it; could not have asked for a better moment!”

-Marissa C, iLEAD Special Projects Liaison