Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be a business student to take the iLEAD course?
Yes. The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate is designed specifically for business students.

Do I have to complete the iLEAD Business Experience Certificate in order to take some of the courses offered in the program?
No. You may elect to take only one or two iLEAD courses if you wish.

Will the School of Business help me find an internship/placement if I choose to participate?
Although we cannot guarantee a placement or internship, the School will provide guidance and suggestions to students who are looking for internships. We currently have a list of organizations who are interested in having students for placements and internships.

What are the costs associated with the iLEAD Business Experience Certificate?
Tuition fees are applicable to the iLEAD courses. Other fees will apply for international exchanges, such as travel costs.

Can I intern in my home town?
Yes. Internships can be completed in North Bay, your home town or even overseas.

More questions?
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